- 9/15/2020 -
Biowarp box set now available at TheGameCrafter.com!
It would make a fantastic gift for any strategy game enthusiast!
- 2/2/2020 -
Biowarp now available for Tabletop Simulator!
Subscribe for free and enjoy with your friends!
- 1/31/2020 -
The data cards have been added for the VDN-A and VDN-B, both are available on the Play Now! page!
Tomorrow, I'll be at Nirvana comics from 11 AM to 4 PM, demoing the game! I'll have some minis for sale and 50 VDN-B cards to hand out! Please come check it out! - 12/25/2019 -
Site launched!
Check out the Play Now! section to get the free version of the game, and keep up with this site to see what else we have planeed for BioWarp!
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